Jim Gloyd is the writer and producer of "The Wager."   He is an actor starring in Gene Pool as detective Ed Bundy, and was the voice of Tsayid in "Cadia: The World Within," with credits along side of Corbin Bernsen and James Phelps.  He also assumed the role of "Supreme Emperor Krang," in "They're Here," all to be released in 2020. He has over 20 movie credits to his name, and is cast as "Bruce," in The Wager.


He has most recently won Best Actor in the S.O.S Indie Horror Film Fest for his work on "Claymation Zombies."  And best writer and best script  with "The Wager," from the "Online Christian Film Festival," and most recently Best Tailer in the LAFA film festival. 

Gloyd was born in central Ohio.  He was the published author of "Becoming Free From The Judas In Me," when he inadvertently landed on a movie set and found himself working side-by-side with John Travolta and Chris Meloni, that quickly kindled a passion for acting.

While working as an actor in the entertainment industry, on the role of Det. Ed Bundy in the feature film "Gene Pool," he turned his second book into an award-winning screenplay, "The Wager." While he continues to act in commercials and film, he is revising his current book with a co-author, renown motivational speaker and former NFL Colts and Rams player Aaron Shawn Harper. 


He is the founding member and CEO of Clean Screen Productions, a faith-based production company.



Cameron Arnett is an award-winning actor in television, film and theater, as well as a television and radio talk show host.

Past credits, to name a few, are "Man's Best Friend", the five Dove award winning "Stand Your Ground", NBC's "Miami Vice", Fox's "Star TreK: The Next Generation", ABC's China Beach", "Doogie Howser MD", "My So-Called Life" and Tyler Perry's "Meet The Browns".


Cameron has recently appeared in several films such as "Badge Of Faith", in which he played the role of "Dr. Corso", and "Derek Dallas" in "Mission Improbable". He also plays "Pastor Barnes" in "Adrenaline" of which he and his wife, BJ Arnett, are also associate producers.


Two of his recently released films are "Champion", in which he played "Logan Evans", and "Extraordinary" in the role of "Mike". 


Cameron co-stared with Dean Cain in The Challenger Disaster. He was also in ‘The Big Fix, Extraordinary and the soon to be released film ‘Overcomer,’ coming from the producers of WarRoom, Courageous, and Facing The Giants. 



Bishop is a former WCW-WWE pro-wrestler turned actor. As a wrestler Bishop trained with the legendary 8 time Champion Harley Race before signing with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) which was later purchased by the WWF (now the WWE). 


Early in his acting career he appeared on some of the hottest network and cable television shows including AMC's The Walking Dead, FOX's Empire, NBC's Chicago PD before landing his 1st guest starring role on the Verizon go90's political series Embeds starring Don Tieri and Alexis Zalar. 

In the last few years Stevens has become known as one of the mid-west fastest rising movie actors landing roles in major Hollywood motion pictures working along side stars like: Selma Blair & Nicolas Cage's-Mom and Dad, Zazie Beetz & Chance the Rapper's-Slice, Colin Ford's-Family Blood, Kate Mara & Ellen Page's-My Days of Mercy Bishop also landed leading roles in other Hollywood films. High Point Pictures co-starring with veteran actor Michael Pare' called LockDown. The Homesick Media film Thy Neighbor which has been nominated for over 50 awards including a number of best picture. The Syfy alien film co-starring with veteran actor Tim O'Leary called No Good Heroes. 


In addition to acting, Bishop is a motivational speaker and fitness enthusiast. He's also becoming very well-known on the SyFi and Horror convention circuit making guest appearances at conventions though out the mid-west.



Buster is most known for defeating Mike Tyson, and becoming the undisputed heavy weight boxing champion of the world.  It quickly became known as, “The biggest upset in the history of heavyweight championship fights,” spoken by commentator Jim Lampley. 

Unbeknownst to many, Buster was also a good basketball player and went to Mercyhurst College on a basketball sholarship.  He was inducted in the Coffeyville Community College Men’s Basketball Hall of Fame. 

Buster is the boxing coach for CRPD, reaching out to and helping young people. He has given back to the community by volunteering in various Rec Centers throughout Columbus Ohio.



A life long artist and now multi-award winning actor, John Wells began his film career in 2006 and has since been well acclaimed for his dynamic versatility, expressive features, and dramatic presence on screen.


Wells has delivered scene stealing performances in a string of features like the genre bending action/comedy, Overtime, and the satirical sci-fi romp, Piranha Sharks. He gained applause as founding father, Patrick Henry, in FOX's historical docudrama series, Legends & Lies: The Patriots, and was called a "tour de force" in reviews for his performance in the depression era drama, The Old Winter.


In 2015, Wells was honored with the Médaille d'Or for Outstanding Achievements in Film by a Kentuckian.


In addition to acting, John is a writer, musician, fitness enthusiast, and family man. Recently he has taken on the mantle of producer on a handful of his own film endeavors.



Ty's professional stage experience, his big aspirations and his natural gifts have landed him in Hollywood. Prior to his arrival, he filmed the role of Danny in the feature film "First Kill," starring Bruce Willis and Hayden Christiansen. Ty's first acting role was playing Tiny Tim in A "Christmas Carol" at The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. He went on to play Young Angus and Nick Stewart in "Mad River Rising," and Dill in the Playhouse's critically acclaimed run of "To Kill A Mockingbird." You can see Ty do a fantasic job in the Bruce Willis movie "First Kill."



 Andie is a young actress from Atlanta, Georgia whose recent television and film credits include “The Rejects Club” playing the role of Lizzy and “Legerdemain” as Elenore.  When not on a film set she is actively pursing commercials, her most recent being Yankee Candle.

 Andie became passionate about story telling at an early age, in all forms, and has also been in several regional theater productions.  She is a student of tv/film, and has been selected for many advanced young actor programs/acting companies in Atlanta.  Most weekends you can find her at the lake wake surfing, swimming, and hanging out with her dog Scarlett O’ Hairy.  Andie is thrilled to join the cast of “The Wager”, as she truly believes her fellow youth greatly need stories of hope and inspiration.   



Bob Gerding lends a lifetime of experience to our cast but not just as an actor. His career began in 1959 as first an artist then director at local TV stations, then moving on to cinematography, creating award-winning documentary, “Color Her Sunshine” then winning 8 Emmy Awards for “The Nutcracker, A Fantasy in the Making.” He then created his own production company, Bob Gerding Productions and was singled out by Mary Tyler Moore Productions to shoot all the local footage for their sit-com, “WKRP In Cincinnati.” In 1981 he opened the doors to the early version of what is now The PPS Group which is currently located in Covington, KY. He employs more than 35 people who provide a wide range of production services including both local and national commercials, as well as one of the most highly respected archiving companies, Scene Savers. In 2014 Bob was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his 50 years of service to the production industry. 

It was in his 70s that the acting bug hit Bob and he began his new career with a vengeance, appearing in multiple television productions including an Ohio Lottery spot and CBS’ “The Inspectors.” He has also appeared in more than twenty movies including “Carol”, “Gotti”, “Killing of a Sacred Deer” with Nicole Kidman, and plays the newspaper editor in the recent production, “Notzilla”. 

Between acting and running his successful company Bob doesn’t have tons of leisure time . Yet, he enjoys performing magic at the Ronald McDonald House, and chilling out on his 8 acres in the country or on his pontoon boat on Tellico Lake in Tennessee. 



Katelynn is a Northeast Ohio based actress/model with 50+ films, numerous commercials, industrials, and print jobs under her belt. She finds herself working on sets all over the Mid West.


She can be seen all over Ohio as the Ohio Lottery's “Lucky Lucy.”  She is best known for “Auditorium 6,” which she brought home two Best Actress awards for, “Homecoming Revenge,” a Lifetime Movie original, and “Dark Iris,” which can be viewed on Amazon Prime. She has also worked with brands such as “Werner Ladder,” “Goof Off,” “Dolby Atmos,” and “Aleve Direct Therapy.”


She has modeled for numerous magazines and companies both locally and nationally, fashion designers and photo workshops.



Jeremy Spencer joins the cast of ‘The Wager” as ‘Seth.’  Jeremy is American musician, song writer, author, record producer, and actor. He was named best drummer in 2012, and 2015 by Revolver magazine and Loudwire.  His autobiography: Death Punch’d-Surviving Five Finger Death Punch’s Metal Mayhem, was released in 2014.  



Sarah is an accomplished actress known for playing Jim Rash’s (Phil’s) wife in “Lazy Susan,” also starring Matthew Broderick, Allison Janney and Sean Hayes. And starring as Vivica, along side of Anna Hutchison in “Murder at the Mansion,” also starring Audrey Landers and Melissa Bolona.


 Sarah was born in Ontario, Canada. Her love of performing started at a young age, and included a variety of different forms; playing the clarinet in her school band, singing in the both her school and church choir, singing in a Christian band, and acting in school plays. Her first on set experience was Disney's The Music Man and was the reason she fell in love with film.  


Sarah can also be seen as Dylan's Mother in “The Neighborhood Watch,”  starring Andrea Bogart, Trevor St John, Beth Broderick and Sierra McCormick.  And starring as Diana, Nicky Whelan's Book Publisher, in “The Danger of Positive Thinking,” also starting Jesse Hutch and Ashley Rickards.



James is a lifelong lover of the creative arts. His first love, music, saw him through 15 years in the music industry, writing, composing, producing and engineering records for artists around the world.  Now, as an actor, James has graced the stages, the small screen, and several feature films. 


James, a is full time actor, and is a 25 year veteran of the Information Technology world, having worked for some of the most prominent multinational Fortune 500 Companies.


In his spare time, Troup is an avid world traveler, collecting passport stamps from every part of the globe.  He also enjoy spending time with his two rescue pit bulls, Axel and Charlie.



Stephanie Haff is an actress and model with over 20 years experience both on stage as well as on screen. Her credits include more than sixty projects, including 14 major films and television shows, 35 commercials and industrial videos, as well as numerous print ads. Drawing from her strong background in dance and martial arts, Stephanie recently added stunt work to her resume with her role in a combat scene.


Other areas of strength and interest include work  as a fitness instructor and personal trainer through which she was given the opportunity to develop two exercise DVD’s. In addition to dancing and earning her 3rd degree black belt in tae kwon-do, her love and appreciation for creative expression include drawing, painting and photography. 


“I’m eager to join the cast and crew in the production of ‘The Wager’ as I believe this film will positively impact others and potentially change lives.” 



Mark Justice is an actor, producer, writer who does both film and stage acting. The son of Lori Hawk(Cox) and Kenneth Justice, he originates from McDermott, Ohio. He has worked with and studied under many award winning filmmakers. Although he has the looks and chops of a leading man, he thoroughly enjoys character acting. His big goal is to position himself to help younger generations to turn their dreams into realities, however that may be.



Cedric Gegel award-winning actor, writer, and director currently based in Columbus, Ohio, joins 'The Wager' cast as "Dale." Recent film work includes Sullivan (2019), Cantabile (2019), The Student’s Wife (2019), The Coroner’s Assistant (2019), Programmed Series: Aznek (2020), and Close-Up Shot (2018). Recent stage credits include Jane Eyre: The Musical (Rochester), Beauty and the Beast (The Beast), Hamlet (Claudius), and Peter and the Starcatcher (Black Stache). As a writer and director, he has done several short films and is currently in post-production on his debut feature film, Cadia: The World Within (2019), starring two-time Emmy nominee Corbin Bernsen and Harry Potter’s James Phelps. He studied acting and voice technique at Capital University, graduating in 2017. His diverse skill set and warm personality have helped him expand his career as an artist.


Cedric also works professionally (alongside his lovely wife Sarah) at Jacob’s Porch, a Lutheran campus ministry connected to The Ohio State University and Capital University. As for fun facts, he is a cancer survivor, a huge football fan, loves hiking, and thoroughly enjoys dogs.



Theresa is an accomplished actress, model, and producer.  She starred in the award winning feature film, “Unwavering,” winning Best Supporting Actress.  She also appeared as the Doctor in the award winning feature film, “One Last Prayer,” and as Detective Miles in the feature film, “Banger.”  Look for her as the Nurse in the upcoming feature, “That's Amore.”  She is also a producer for the recently released documentary, “American Gospel” 


Theresa has worked on 50+ projects including Commercials - National and Local, Print Work, Industrials, Major Feature Films, and Independent Films.


Theresa has trained with Lauren Nichols from Olmsted Performing Arts, Jean Zarzour owner of Find Your Voice, Maureen Dempsey, as well as The Houde School of Acting under the direction of Jessica Houde-Morris and Route 40 Classes under J.W. Myers.


Theresa said she very excited to be a part of The Wager.  “As a Christian, I hope this project will be a ministry to others.” 



Originally from Alberta, Canada, Leanne is breaking into the Midwest film scene with purpose. She has had roles in films such as 'Cruelty and Spite', 'Leben', and 'Un Ratio Mas', the upcoming feature '12 Angry Women', and is currently filming a television series 'Chronicles of Honor' and fan film 'Trek Vs. Trek'.


In addition to acting Leanne is a roller derby athlete, Krav Maga martial artist, musician with produced songs 'Beauty From Ashes' and 'You See Me As I Am', and is a wife and mother of two daughters. Leanne attributes every struggle and success to Gods masterplan for her life quoting "I am no one without Jesus, and only someone because of Him." She admits to being flawed and brings that humanity into each role she assumes saying "I have a responsibility to be honest on screen, to be real, no matter the character or circumstance.”


Leanne said “I am looking upward and forward to being a part of "The Wager" and spreading the hope and healing found only in Jesus through this powerful film.”



Gavin Ferguson assumes the role of “Ben” in The Wager. At the age of 8 years old Gavin expressed interest in acting, constantly acting out stories, or trying to make people laugh. He has unbelievable comedic timing and improvisation skills for someone of his age. Gavin tried his hand at modeling when he was 8 years old, and eventually started acting and doing voice over work by the age of 9. 

He started with a local talent agency, and within six months was chosen to be represented by an LA agency. By the age of 11 he had already been cast in a comedy sitcom, four short films, and a fantasy TV series. This past year and a half Gavin was cast in 'Cadia: The World Within' that starred Corbin Bernsen, a regional commercial, and several voice over spots. He is extremely thankful to currently be cast along side some amazing talent in "The Wager.”



Quentin Malicoat joins the cast of “The Wager,” as Sam. Quentin’s credits include a continually growing list of Midwest area film and commercial. His most recent work can be seen in the film “Golden Voices” by Chicago-based Gold Point Studio. Golden Voices is the multi-award winning film of the first Indiana Film Race by Film765 and is an official selection for the 2019 Heartland Film Indy Shorts International Film Festival.

Quentin finds inspiration and learning opportunities through the study of classic film, improvisational comedy routines, and the production companies and film crews that he's been given the opportunity to work with on set. All genres of film captivate and inspire him, especially 1960’s television and movies. The performing of skits in front of a live audience through local theatre has been a great facilitator to Quentin's growth as an entertainer. He is grateful to have worked with so many talented Midwest production companies and is very excited to now join Clean Screen Productions



Gary has been acting since 2008. He got his start traveling to Chicago for photos and guidance in the industry from Deb and George Papadakis. From there he went on to be a spokesperson for several companies and has done several regional commercials and shot many Industrial videos. When Gary is not acting, he is a full-time public-school educator of over 30 years. Gary has served as a Teacher, Basketball Coach, Athletic Director, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, and a Principal. He served grades K-12 during those years. He also established the first ever Middle Level Leadership Workshop for the school corporation. 

When not in school or acting Gary spends his time with family around the pool and on the lake boating. Gary is a born again Christian who has served in his local churches Children's Ministry and has worked summer church camps for over twenty years and is still serving to this day. Gary hopes and prays that this film will be used by God to impact many lives and to lead even more to Christ.



Professionally trained, Andi Gudgeon has played a wide range of roles including  the feature film “Donnybrook” staring Frank Grillo and Jamie Bell, villain in the Red Box film “Black Mamba”, and a struggling mother in “Gifts.”  She has been in over thirteen movies, TV commercials and music videos.  

In 2018 Andi was featured in “Idol Features” online publication, “Ladies Worthy of a Double Take” article.  She’s continuing to grow her modeling portfolio and market expansion.

Andi attended Thomas More College where she earned a Business degree and was a spokesperson for the college.  She participated in theater and credits theatrical experience to her acting range and development.  


Andi has professional training from Kirk Baltz (Reservoir Dogs, Natural Born Killers) both locally and abroad through “Actor’s Intensive Workshops” and private lessons.  She’s also participated in training by JW Myers in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

Andi is represented by Heyman Talent. 



Erica Shannon is an actress from Columbus, Ohio, and has assumed the role of 'Female Host.' She started taking local acting classes in 2002. In 2008, Erica attended the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and later trained with acting coach Alice Carter in Los Angeles, California for 2 years. Erica has appeared in many commercials ranging from Nike, Adidas, Ford, Facebook Live, and ESPN to name a few. In 2015, Erica worked as a stand-in for players of the US Women’s National soccer team during their World Cup commercial campaign. Erica has also worked on numerous television shows including ‘Westworld’, ‘Dexter,’ ‘My Haunted House’, ‘Angie Tribecca’, ‘True Crime’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Sweat Inc. ‘with Jillian Michaels, and many more.



Wallace M. Tucker II, starred in “Her Worst Nightmare,” cast as Walle.  You can find Wallace in over 6 feature films, commercials such as Long John Silvers and a TV show on TBS.  In the film industry he has worked with those such as Martina McBride, and Don Cheadle. Represented by Heyman Talent Agency you can find Wallace in over 6 feature films, commercials and a TV show on TBS.


When he is not on set he enjoys being a creative director, with a degree in Graphic Design and Photography. You can find his works in Photoshop Magazine, Comedy Central, TBS sitcom, Sullivan and Son, Toyota, and the Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino.




James Lee Hawkins is known for Daywalker: Blade Origins,and Wolverine: Lost Chapters. 



Shawn Harper is former NFL playing for the Colts and the Rams.  He is currently an Entrepreneur and motivational speaker.  He is now pursuing acting as well.



Javien Jackson is an 11 year old Cincinnati native. He first graced the stage an early age, performing in choirs and stage plays. It was then that he developed a love and admiration for the arts and became part of the Heyman Talent Agency. Over the years, Javien has been featured in numerous commercials, films, and commercial projects for clients such as Safelite Autoglass, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Batesville Casket, Huffy Bicycles and many others. He has also modeled in various fashion shows and performed in talent shows, showcasing his awesome dance abilities.


Not only does Javien have a keen interest and talent in these art forms, he is also a skilled athlete as he is a former track and field star and currently plays football and basketball through which he was instrumental in leading his teams to win multiple championships. As may be noted, he is no stranger to dedication and hard work. Additionally, Javien’s humbleness, friendliness, warm personality, and compassionate nature has caused him to make wonderful connections and deem him a pleasure to work with and be around as he continues to succeed and develop in his craft.



Damian is an actor and producer known for The Resident and The wager.



Born in Cincinnati, William has worked alongside many great actors, models, comedians, musicians, photographers, cinematographers, directors, etc. He can only hope to gain as much wisdom and knowledge as possible, in order to pass it along to others. William wants to make sure to acknowledge his roots, and to thank those who helped him every step of the way. The way William sees it, the higher he goes in this industry the more people he can reach and help.



Tim is a national radio broadcast talk show host. 'The Point' is a positive faith based radio program hosted by Tim Stonerock. The Point broadcasts on different Christian radio stations across America, at any one time. It's mission is to give scriptural truth filled with love and hope while lifting up Jesus to everyone that listens. 



Lisa is and actress and writer known for 'Another Door Opens' and 'The Wager.'



Carl G. Herrick, best known for his portrayal of John Terry in "All or Nothin," has performed in many feature and short films around Ohio and Kentucky. Carl played the lead role in such films as: "Fun of it," "Project Republic" and "Blood Ties." "The Activist" was a fan favorite at the 2017 Winter Film Awards where Carl had a supporting role in this thriller! Carl's other films include: Pure O, Autumn Shift, The Shoes, Pranksters, Programmed Series: Aznek, C'est Dommage, Maladjustment, to name a few.

When Carl isn't performing in front of the camera, you can find him flying a business jet with the "who's who" of the world in the back, traveling with his family to another exotic location or creating content with his business partner Bill Weikart at Bluebeard Productions.

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