Jim Gloyd is the writer and producer of "The Wager."   He is an actor starring in Gene Pool as detective Ed Bundy, and was the voice of Tsayid in "Cadia: The World Within," also starring Corbin Bernsen, He also assumed the role of "Supreme Emperor Krang," in "They're Here," all to be released in 2019. "Programmed Azkek," picked him up as Cell 6 programmer to be released in 2020. He has over 20 movie credits to his name, and is cast as "Bruce," in The Wager.


He has most recently won Best Actor in the S.O.S Indie Horror Film Fest for his work on "Claymation Zombies."  And best writer and best script  with "The Wager," from the "Online Christian Film Festival."

Gloyd was born in central Ohio.  He was the published author of "Becoming Free From The Judas In Me," when he inadvertently landed on a movie set and found himself working side-by-side with John Travolta and Chris Meloni, that quickly kindled a passion for acting.

While working as an actor in the entertainment industry, on the role of Det. Ed Bundy in the feature film "Gene Pool," he turned his second book into an award-winning screenplay, "The Wager." While he continues to act in commercials and film, he is producing the Wager with director Mark Justice and multiple Emmy award winning producer Vince McVay. The film is slated for release in 2020.


He is the founding member and CEO of Clean Screen Productions, a faith-based production company.



Mark Justice is the director of "The Wager."  He is an actor, producer, and writer who does both film and stage acting. Mark has over 100 movie credits to his name.  
Mark is the writer of "Walker's Run," and received Best Screenplay for animation, at the EPIC ACG FEST. Walker's Run is a great story of overcoming huge adversity to become a champion! 
The son of Lori Hawk (Cox) and Kenneth Justice, he originates from McDermott, Ohio. He has worked with and studied under many award winning filmmakers. Although he has the looks and chops of a leading man, he thoroughly enjoys character acting. His big goal is to position himself to help younger generations to turn their dreams into realities, however that may be.



Vince McVay is a multi-Emmy award winning producer and director.  Vince is the director or photography, and editor, for The Wager.



Richie Johns is quickly making a name for himself in the Christian Film Industry. When he was only a senior in high school, Richie wrote, directed, edited, and produced a 92 minute feature film. "Ruth: A Faithful Journey" which showed in theaters, won several awards and made the final nominations for Best Evangelistic Film at the International Christian Visual Media Conference Crown Awards.


Most recently he has founded Richie Johns Productions that has been producing corporate and non-profit marketing videos in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Richie has his district ministers license in the Church of the Nazarene and has a passion to use media and film to glorify God and build the Kingdom.



Donna is from Virginia and constantly travels the nation working on movies, though she is primarily in the family and faith based film industry. Her career started in August 2012 working as a make-up/hair assistant on the film "Touched by Grace". From her very first day on set, she fell in love with working in the film industry. Donna has since worked on over 50 film/media projects including over a dozen feature films, the Fox News TV series Legends & Lies (Season 3, Civil War) and many other film projects such as commercials, industrials, PSA's, short films and more. 

Several noted companies Donna has worked on projects for include, Johnson & Johnson, National Geographic, Fox News, INSP (Inspiration Network), Liberty University, Harper's Bazaar Magazine, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, TBN, and the Mount Vernon Museum. Donna believes her career in the film industry is a gift from God. Something He knew she would love before she even knew it was a possibility.



Greg Kraus was great to have on set of The Wager.  Greg can wear many hats from key grip, gaffer, and DP.  He was willing to step up where needed for the betterment of the film.  He is highly recommended for your camera and lighting needs. 



Dan brought a lot to the table.  He was always willing and able to help with lighting, steadicam, or drone. We highly recommend Dan as a camera op or your electrical department needs. 



Thomas works full time in the film industry, and did a great job as 1st AC.  He is a skilled focus puller and camera op. 



Brandon stepped up and assumed roles and responsibilities and was a great asset to the project.



Matthew worked on The Wager throughout the filming process and a great asset to have on set.



Doug's (Razor's Edge Productions and Props LLC) is out of this world.  His props and wardrobe alone took scenes and the production to another level.  If you need props for your production Doug comes highly recommended!

Doug resides in southwest Ohio and has done the bulk of his acting and production work within the tri-state region of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. He is primarily known for his acting and production work in the following Cinema Lexzikon Productions, LLC full-length films: "Badfellaz", "3 Knee Deep", "Straight Outta' H8", "6 Feet Below Hell", and "Black Mamba". The films, "3 Knee Deep" and "6 Feet Below Hell" have been distributed by Red Box, with "6 Feet Below Hell" being still available at the time of this writing. The film, "Straight Outta' H8" also appeared shortly at Red Box, but was pulled due to controversial subject matter. Doug has also worked as an actor and props-steward / assistant with Inner Demon Studios' on their full-length films, "Finding Grassman" and "Immaculate Possession" as well as with Dark Raven Productions' film, "The Red Mask of Death". Recently, Doug also had a featured acting role in the short film, "Strike It," in which he was also Associate Producer and Props-master.


Doug is becoming well-known within the Indie film community in his region as a reliable and well-stocked Props Master, providing numerous films with realistic firearms and edged weapon replicas, along with military, law-enforcement, and EMT costumes and gear. He has professional training and experience to be able to train other actors on how to handle and wield those weapons properly and safely. He has certified tactical weapons training, is certified in CPR, first aid and lifesaving skills, and is an avid outdoors-man and well-versed in survival techniques. Doug has numerous prop weapons, outfits, and accessories if needed on any film projects. Interested parties can view his work and props on his Facebook page about his company Razor's Edge Productions and Props, LLC: https://www.facebook.com/PropsMasterDoug/?ref=br_rs


Doug is capable of tackling the surreal world of Indie film production, with its last-minute character changes, wardrobe needs, and all the craziness that is Indie! Doug first got involved in student film projects while in college and was also a drummer in numerous bands while attending Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He is used to being in front of people and crowds and good at keeping cool under pressure. Doug tries to keep the mood warm, creative, and humorous on set. Expect more from him in the Indie film scene in the years to come.



Doug's Rusty has been doing sound work since the 1960's and when it come to working near Ohio, Rusty is know as the best in the trivia-state area. 

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