“It is very exciting to see a movie planning to be filmed in Pickaway County,” said Brian Stewart, Pickaway County Commissioner. “I am grateful to Mr. Gloyd for choosing to bring this project to our community and giving many great aspects of our rural culture and local economy a chance to shine.”

"This could really open up doors for Ashville and the people who live in this community. In a time when the world has lost its way, faith and hope is the only anchor. I believe whole heartily that when you combine passion and Christian vision it is the ultimate recipe for a positive return of your work.  This is more than just a movie being filmed in a small town, it is rather a large idea and message being presented by a small community." 

“I read it three times, and wept every time... it really hit home.”

“I have goosebumps!  It really is unlike anything I have ever seen or read.  I am fascinated by your insanely creative approach to Bruce reliving his mistakes... THROUGH THE EYES OF ANOTHER!!!!”

“Wow! Great script! I loved it.”

“I am so excited about Jim Gloyd’s development of his story The Wager…its a fresh way to come at story telling…I am excited to see where Jim goes with this…and I can’t wait to see it on the screen soon.”  

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????  I planned to read a little bit of the screenplay between this morning, and just read straight through lunch instead... couldn't put it down!”

"The Wager gave me chills, tears, and joy as I read the script.  You get to see God's providence in Bruce's life.  Like Moses, Bruce was pushed out into the waters of life.  But God placed people in his life to help guide him through his path of crime and drugs to the saving grace of God. Then there's the obvious presence of darkness that exist in this world but even more powerful is the awesome presence of God that can and does overcome all things".

“I loved it!  The script has a unique and interesting take on how one would find redemption.  It’s a very emotional journey, and I found myself moved to tears in the end... it’s powerful! And I pray that God will use it for his glory to reach others.”

“I had a feeling it would be great, but it isn’t... it is incredible…How has this never been done before? BRILLIANT!”

"This movie is going to move the world."

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